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We gather for mass twice on Sundays. There are other events held during the week that you are welcome to attend. Look at our events calendar for more info. No appointment or invitation required!


Sunday Gatherings

We have two Services on Sundays.  There is also Sunday School.  Bile Study and Prayer meeting are held during the week. 

Time & Location

Our Sunday morning services are at 8 AM and 11:30 AM –more–

Common Questions

On June 26, 2015, the majority of the United States Supreme Court rendered an opinion that has made same-sex marriage legal in all of the states of the Union. The High Court did not use the Holy Scriptures as the basis for its decision, but rather based it on the legal interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. Our Lord and Savior declared that we are to be in the world but “not of the world” (John 17:15-16). The moral landscape of our society has definitely shifted, but we know that the Bible is yet right and God still reigns. In a democracy such as ours, we are to be ruled by laws. We as Christians have found ourselves at many intervals unable to find a biblical basis for key legal laws that govern our society. It is a fact that the United States of America has now added same-sex marriage to a list of legal rights which adults may exercise but the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. goes on record not to practice. As people of God, we refuse to exercise this particular legal right, knowing that the Bible is calling Christians to a life-style of holiness. We are not called to panic nor be anxious; we are called to live a holy life. We are called to live a Christian life as commanded by the Bible; we are called to be in the world but “not of the world.” We are called to trust God.
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a permanent fixture in a life changing ministry. With your help we can change are city, our nation, and our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What to expect

You can expect to be embraced by our congregation. A friendly and loving atmosphere will always be here for you.

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