Community Services

is a community based organization, created to provide support for our residences of Far Rockaway and its surrounding communities. Catering to youth development, economic empowerment, inter-generational strengthening, Elderly Care, Nutritive prudence and health monitoring in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Our main purpose is to organize, develop and oversee an inter-generational community program, design to improve the quality of life of the under-served community groups. Our organization will work with other qualified organizations to develop youth base programs, such as after school, mentoring, skills development, and community service activities. Design opportunities for personal enrichment and the empowerment to meet and improve the basic living conditions of the youths, adults and seniors in the community.

This organization is designed to be multi-faceted with the intentions of meeting as many needs as possible of the communities in which we serve. Under the umbrella of CSFR we serve the communities through:

  • The Youth Enrichment Services (YES) youth program
  • Our Pantry Program
  • Our Soup Kitchen
  • Our Seniors Day Care Program
  • Our Gardening Program
  • Our Annual Community Health Fair – through our Health and Wellness Program.

Our Youth Program Youth Enrichment Services (YES) focuses on the growth and development of youth ages 12 – 21, with the purpose to support the academic, social, emotional and developmental needs of our youths individually and collectively.  We foster a culture of achievement through engaging, encouraging and assisting our youths with developing the knowledge, skills, character and practices necessary to achieve their goals.–more–

Our Pantry Program
another arm of the organization, dedicated to empowering the community by providing emergency food relief in the form of clothing, pantry bags and referral services, provided two days per week.

Our Soup Kitchen Program will be providing warm nutritional meals to the hungry, homeless families and to the general public including the shut in two days per week.

Our Seniors Day Care Program, is a program where the seniors come together one per week to fellowship in the form of interacting and empowering each other, by participating in games and exercises and going on trips in an effort to enhance their livelihood.

Our Gardening Program which began since 2000, to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to members of the community, through our pantry program, in an effort to increase their dietary intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.  These vegetables are grown on a small farm owned by God’s Battalion of Prayer Ministries.  This farming project also provides volunteer opportunities for students and members of the community during the planting and harvesting seasons.

Our Annual Community Health Fair began four years ago, another step in fulfilling our vision towards healthy eating, to promote healthy living within the community.  Added to our mission of raising the awareness about symptoms and diseases that are impacting families especially of the minority population in and around the Rockaways Peninsula, to enhance the quality of life to the underserve, the minority and the undocumented.

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