Vision Statement

YES is a co based organization that provides fun and innativeAbout us

YES is a community based organization that focuses on the growth and development of youth ages 12 - 21. We are founded on the spirit of love and endurance; we embrace one and all! 

Our staff is comprised of committed VOLUNTEERS who genuinely love and support youth and are likewise faithful workers within our communities. 


YES exists to support the academic, social, emotional and developmental needs of our youth. We aspire to strengthen each and every youth member, both individually and collectively.  We foster a culture of achievement through engaging, encouraging and assisting our youth with developing the knowledge, skills, character, and practices necessary to achieve their goals.    



YES is a team of dedicated and trustworthy mentors who inspire youth to cultivate healthy ways of communicating their thoughts and feelings. We focus on developing trusting relationships with our youth. This way, we can effectively direct and redirect them through channels that encourage personal growth.

We understand that engaging youth in cooperative activities increases their self-awareness, enhances self-management and develops their social strengths. This practice proves effective in influencing responsible decision-making and serves in building and maintaining positive relationships with peers, family and all whom they engage. 

Academic Focus

YES places an emphasis on youth academic development. Establishing and maintaining relationships with our youth, that enables us to provide guidance and support throughout their academic profile.

One of our goal is to offer afterschool homework help and tutoring sessions for members needing to enhance their knowledge of CORE concepts.  The ultimate objective is to afford youth the opportunity to perform at their highest ability.

In addition, we place special emphasis on working

to reduce the dropout rate of at-risk youth. We also work to reduce juvenile delinquency and involvement in gangs through providing a safe learning environment, engaging youth in positive activities and implementing and maintaining positive behavioral guidance systems.

We realize that many urban youth graduate high school unequipped to face the      workforce and lack guidance in seeking out     opportunities to further their academic or technological education which results in undue challenges in obtaining livable careers.

YES makes available essential resources to inform youth of scholarship opportunities and provide support through the application process. We also make available technical and trade trainings supportive of their purpose -driven goals.

This affords them the opportunity to attend college and/or partake in career enhancement trainings in tandem with their unique experiences. Additionally, we eagerly acknowledge and celebrate their achievements at every level and instill in our youth the importance of celebrating oneself